Big E Blasts Kevin Owens for Turning on The New Day

SmackDown Live ended on a sour note this week when Kevin Owens turned on both Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, severing his ties to The New Day a week after joining the group as an honorary member.

After saving Kingston from a two-on-one attack from Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev, Owens smacked Kingston off his feet with a superkick and began beating him down outside the ring. Woods tried to make the save, but wound up getting powerbombed on the apron for his troubles.

Big E, who has been out of action since tearing his meniscus, took to Twitter on Wednesday to call out Owens for his vicious heel turn.

"KO is the parasite in the system that desperately clings on to its host for life," E Wrote. "Once its sucked all of the nutrients it can out of its host, it seeks another. I only take pleasure in knowing the virus has been detected & [Kingston] & [Woods] will stomp out the organism.

"My greatest joy will be returning in time to stomp the life out of the already lifeless roach myself," he added.

E confirmed in a recent interview with that his timetable for a return from injury is between six to eight weeks. In the same interview, E explained why The New Day have no interest in breaking up as a trio.

"It's something that people wanted the last five years, but I think the big thing for us is that we've learned to stay the course," he said. "There have been times where it's frustrating, there have been times where it felt like, 'Oh, we're not really doing much as a team right now.' But, we've got to keep doing what we're doing. Let's find ways to reinvent ourselves or ask people about gimmicks, or whatever it is. It's just being so short-sighted saying 'Oh, you should turn on Kofi,' or 'Woods should turn on Kofi,' or 'I should turn on Woods,' or whatever combination of who should turn on who.

"We listen to people that say "Actually, you should turn heel,' or 'It's my time, I should really make this time about me.' That's not something that even remotely interests us," he later added.



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