Nia Jax Throws Becky Lynch Under The Bus For WWE's Declining Ratings

Nia Jax may be out of action recovering from surgery, but the former WWE Women's Champion is having fun keeping her name in the news.

On Friday, Jax used a tweet to throw some shade at the current WWE RAW and SmackDown Women's Champion: Becky Lynch.

Following a tweet from Lynch that directly mentioned Jax, Nia responded by throwing Lynch under the bus for WWE's declining ratings and took some personal shots at the champion to boot.

Well, that wasn't very PG.

The source of the exchange was Lynch responding to a tweet from Lacey Evans. In her tweet, Evans posted a video of herself cleaning out a toilet with a mop. The mop head was covered with a Becky Lynch t-shirt.

Lynch responded, noting that Lacey was giving "Nia" a good scrub.

To be honest, the entire exchange here was rather hilarious and kudos to all of them for some quick thinking on their feet.


The on screen heat between Jax and Lynch goes back to last fall when Jax legitimately injured Lynch prior to Survivor Series during a brawl on RAW. An errant punch resulted in Lynch suffering a broken nose and concussion, causing the scheduled Survivor Series match between Ronda Rousey and Lynch to be cancelled (Charlotte Flair ended up subbing for Lynch).

In the end, the injury (though awful at the time) ended up playing pretty well for Lynch as it allowed her to parlay all of the excitement for an eventual match between herself and Rousey into a WrestleMania main event.