Bayley Wins Women's Money in the Bank Briefcase

Bayley became the new "Ms. Money in the Bank" on Sunday night, winning the third annual Women's Money in the Bank ladder match.

Late in the match Sonya Deville prevented Carmella, who suffered a knee injury early in the match and spent most of it backstage, from climbing the ladder and grabbing the briefcase. She then picked up an unconscious Mandy Rose and carried her to the top of the ladder. It looked like the pair would pull off their scheme, only for Bayley to run up and knock both women off. She pulled the briefcase off the hook to win the match.

Afterwards Bayley cut a promo in the ring about how she's on SmackDown to remind everyone just how capable she is in the ring. Several mentions were made of Sasha Banks, who has not appeared on WWE television since WrestleMania.

Thus far the winner's of the Women's Money in the Bank briefcase have both become world champions in the past. Carmella cashed in her contract on Charlotte Flair two nights after WrestleMania 34 to become SmackDown Women's Champion, while Alexa Bliss became Raw Women's Champion the same night she won the briefcase by interfering in a title match between Ronda Rousey and Nia Jax and pinning the latter.

Both Bliss and Carmella would drop their titles at the SummerSlam event several months later.


Bliss was originally announced as a competitor for the match, but was pulled from the bout earlier in the week when WWE announced that she was not medically cleared to compete. Reports have indicated Bliss is dealing with a concussion, though she stated on Twitter her "career is just fine" on Saturday.

Bayley would later use the Money in the Bank contract to claim her first SmackDown Women's Championship. Midway through the show Becky Lynch successfully retained her Raw Women's Championship against Lacey Evans. But an interference from Evans in Lynch's second title match allowed Charlotte Flair to pick up the win. The two blonds then jumped Lynch, causing Bayley to run out and make the save. A missed spear from Flair left her knocked out in the ring, which gave Bayley the opening to use her contract and quickly pin "The Queen."