Watch: Here's Every Insane Bump Finn Balor Took at Money in the Bank

Finn Balor had a rough Sunday night. Not only did the reigning Intercontinental Champion was unable to win the Men's Money in the Bank ladder match, but he also took some of the nastiest bumps on the show.

One of said bumps went viral shortly after it happened, as Andrade mananged to hit Balor with a sunset flip powerbomb off the top of the ladder onto another ladder that was set up between one of the ladder rungs and the turnbuckle ropes. Balor's body bounced as a result of the impact, causing him to land right back onto the steel before finally crashing to the mat. The champ released a video montage of his worst bumps from the match on Monday morning, along with a smiling sun emoji.

The main event ladder match was originally supposed to have eight competitors, but Sami Zayn was pulled from the bout after he was found unconscious backstage. The show went ahead with seven competitors, until Brock Lesnar's music hit the in the final moments. As the commentators speculated that he was the eighth man in the match, "The Beast" charged the ring, knocked over Ali as he was inches away from the briefcase and unhooked it to make himself the new "Mr. Money in the Bank."

When Lesnar will use that briefcase is anybody's guess. His last match before Sunday night was at WrestleMania 35, where he lost the Universal Championship to Seth Rollins in roughly three minutes. It's possible that he'll use the briefcase for a rematch against Rollins at the Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia in two weeks, as both men are booked for the show though neither have an official match as of yet.

Rollins spoke very poorly of Lesnar during an interview with Sporting News leading up to their WrestleMania encounter.


"I'm old-school, man. I want my champion to be there headlining all of the events. We go to these live events and Brock Lesnar is not there and we go to Raw or pay-per-views and Brock Lesnar's not there," he said. "Somebody has to pick up the slack and carry that mantle.

"There are guys like Shawn Michaels and Triple H and John Cena and Edge and Eddie Guerrero and these guys became champions," he added. "They inspire people to want to get into this industry and to push it forward and Brock Lesnar just doesn't do that. He doesn't inspire people. He's in it for himself and he'll tell you that. He's in it for the money and he'll tell you that. It's just frustrating for me as a fan of our industry to see it kind of being held hostage by someone who only cares about themselves and making their own money."