Brock Lesnar Will Announce His Money in the Bank Plans on WWE Raw Next Week

Brock Lesnar closed out Monday Night Raw this week leaving fans with more questions than answers. After teasing at the start of the show that he might cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase on either WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins or WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, "The Beast" circled the ring after the two champs competed in a main event tag match only to back away. Paul Heyman could be heard saying that Lesnar will reveal which champion he plans on using the contract on next week.

"The Advocate also suggested a course of action, picked up by the camera mics: That Lesnar return next week and announce which champion he was going to cash in on. Raw began with everyone wondering what happens next. We still don't know what Lesnar's course of action is. But at least we know when we'll find out," wrote in the recap for this week's episode.

Given how Lesnar and Heyman teased the cash in this week, it's possible WWE goes the route of having Lesnar do a surprise cash in and win one of the world titles in heelish fashion. But Lesnar, Rollins and Kingston are all booked for WWE's upcoming Saudi Arabia event, Super ShowDown, on June 7 and none of them have a match as of yet. So it's possible that Lesnar goes with the up-front approach and challenges either champion to a match ahead of that show.


Announcing a cash in ahead of time has ended in mixed results over the years. Rob Van Dam used his contract for a match with John Cena at the One Night Stand pay-per-view in 2006 and won, Cena gave CM Punk a week to prepare for his cash in back in 2012 and came up short (thanks to a disqualification) and Braun Strowman used his contract for a Hell in a Cell match against then-Universal Champion Roman Reigns last year, only for Lesnar to run in and knock out both men.

Lesnar closed out Sunday's show by winning the Money in the Bank briefcase, but he wasn't the only one to find success in a ladder match that night. The show opened with an eight-woman ladder match for the Women's Money in the Bank, which Bayley one after stopping Sonya Deville from helping Mandy Rose cheat to win. She later cashed in on Charlotte Flair minutes after she beat Becky Lynch for the SmackDown Women's Championship (with help from Lacey Evans) and won the title.