Watch: R-Truth Ends WWE Raw as 24/7 Champion

Mick Foley introduced WWE's newest championship, the WWE 24/7 Championship, on Monday Night Raw this week. As the name implies, the title will operate under the same rules as the Hardcore Championship the company had from 1998-2002, which states that the title can change hands at any time and any place. He also added that wrestlers from every WWE brand, including Network-exclusive shows like 205 Live, NXT and NXT UK, are eligible to become champion He declared that the first champion would be crowned based on which wrestler could grab the title from the middle of the ring first, which turned out to be Titus O'Neil.


Unfortunately for Titus Worldwide, the reign lasted only a matter of seconds as Robert Roode rolled him up on the entrance ramp for the pin. Roode then spent the next hour running away from various wrestlers around the arena before running into R-Truth. He asked Truth to help him hide, and Truth agreed by letting him hide in the trunk of his car and direct other wrestlers away from the area. He helped Roode out and offered him a ride, but Roode quickly found out it was a trap when a referee was sitting in the passenger seat. Truth smacked Roode's head against the car and pinned him to win the title.

Truth closed the show as champion when he took off in his car. He could be heard saying he was taking the title with him to SmackDown Live this week, meaning we'll likely get more title changes on the Blue Brand tomorrow night.