Rey Mysterio Discusses His Injury, Timetable For Return

Rey Mysterio's feud with Samoa Joe for the WWE U.S. Championship was recently put on hold due to an injury suffered by Mysterio.

Mysterio defeated Joe for the U.S. title at Money In The Bank back on May 19th. However, he was forced to forfeit the title on the June 3rd edition of RAW due to being unable to compete.

While the storyline explanation for the injury was the post-match beat down Mysterio received from Joe at Money In The Bank, the shoulder injury actually occurred during the match itself.

Mysterio discussed his injury and upcoming return to the ring with Wrestling Inc., declaring that it appears he will be return at the end of June or sometime in July.

"An unfortunate thing happened in the ring at Money In The Bank. When you're in their full action and full adrenaline, you have know idea of the referee's count or if he's even aware that the opponent is grabbing the rope while he's doing the pin. Nine out of 10 times the ref is right on spot, but this wasn't the occasion," said Mysterio.

He continued, "When I saw the replay I saw that Samoa Joe's left shoulder was off the canvas during the three-count. Due to the unfortunate aftermath after winning the title, I suffered a separated left shoulder. That has put me on the bench, so I've been doing some PRP and slight rotation movements. I'm trying to see if I could get back in possibly late June or July."

In a strange circumstance, WWE actually awarded the championship back to Joe rather than holding it vacant until a new champion was crowned. Rey continued, explaining that decision.


"I couldn't defend the title, so there was no point in me keeping the title," stated Mysterio. "Also, once I saw the three-count and that his shoulder was up…like anyone else would say, 'That's not my call. That's the ref's call.' But I like to work on the right side of things. I clearly didn't win that title the way I would have loved to have won it. So the best thing to do is return it, get better, heal up and ask for another title shot."

It had seemed as though WWE were building some kind of story with the controversial finish in real time, with Joe's shoulder clearly getting up off the mat in time. As it turned out, that gave them a real reason to put the championship back on Joe due to the unfortunate injury suffered by Mysterio