Watch: Titus O'Neil Nearly Won the 24/7 Championship From R-Truth During WWE Raw

R-Truth is currently on his longest reign as WWE 24/7 Championship, holding it for 12 consecutive days as of Tuesday. But, as shown on WWE's YouTube channel, he nearly lost the title without anyone realizing it during Monday Night Raw this week.

Midway through the show Truth and Carmella were spotted in the front row wearing obvious disguises. Once the camera spotted the two members of the roster ran out and tried to attack Truth, leading to the champ crawling under the ring. What we didn't see on the broadcast was that Truth bumped into Titus O'Neil under the ring, who slammed his head on the floor and tried to pin him for the title, only for Truth to kick out at the last second. The two briefly traded punches before the other wrestlers dragged O'Neil out from under the ring by his feet.

In the confusion, Truth managed to escape the Staples Center and continue his reign.

Though it only lasted a few seconds, O'Neil technically holds the distinction of being the first 24/7 Champion. On the first night the title was introduced, Mick Foley stated that the first man to run out to the ring and grab the title would be crowned the first champion. After a long brawl involving various members of the lock room, O'Neil managed to slide into the ring and grab the belt. His celebration was short-lived however, as he was quickly rolled up and pinned by Robert Roode on the entrance ramp.


Truth's latest reign started (according to WWE's YouTube Channel) on an airplane over the Red Sea on a flight to Saudi Arabia for the Super ShowDown event. After getting pinned on the tarmac by Jinder Mahal, Truth found and pinned Mahal while he was sleeping and hid in one of the bathrooms for the rest of the flight. Ironically, he was not used at the Super ShowDown show.

Besides Truth, O'Neil, Mahal and Roode, the only other man to hold the championship so far is Elias.


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