Terri Runnels Escapes Jail Time After Being Arrested for Bringing a Loaded Gun to Tampa Airport

Former WWE star Terri Runnels was arrested back in late May after she tried to bring a loaded Glock handgun through security at the Tampa International Airport in Tampa, Florida. The penalty for the crime is up to five years in prison, but according to TMZ it appears Runnels is off the hook.

The site reported on Monday that prosecutors have dropped the case against Runnels, who emphatically denied after she was arrested that she did not intentionally mean to bring the gun with her.


"Evidently it's everywhere that I took a loaded handgun into the Tampa International Airport," Runnels said in a video shortly after being released from jail. "When I go to see my mom I pack my gun because she has armadillos that ruin her garden, and other critters that go after her chickens, and I usually take my gun when I go to see her. And I was with her for about a week-and-a-half, helping her out.

"And literally, it did not even cross my mind that my gun was in my Vera Bradley tote [bag] that I always take on the plane with me," she continued. "It was the most... god, I've never been in trouble in my life and it scared the hell out of me. And It was a simple mistake that, dear god, it was horrible."


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