Watch: The Young Bucks Give the Latest Updates on CM Punk and Pac in AEW

As AEW gears up for the Fight for the Fallen show in Jacksonville this Saturday, Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks sat down with Chris Van Vliet to discuss the future of the company.

Two big names that have swirled around the company in recent months are CM Punk and Pac, and for very different reasons. Punk hasn't officially wrestled since leaving the WWE back in 2014, and yet years later fans are still clamoring for the former WWE Champion to step back into the ring. According to Nick, he's the most popular name the two get asked about on social media.

"Hands down, and we'll be honest, of course we would love him to come to our company. At this time though I don't think he wants to," Nick said.

"When he wants to come back to wrestling, it will be his decision," Matt added.

He then said when it comes to a return, it's more of an "if" than a "when."

"Matt talks to him all the time about it," Nick said. "The timing's just not right, I guess."

"He knows better than anybody, this is the most demanding thing in the world," Matt continued. "You can't just find yourself back in it one day and be like, 'Okay, I guess I'm doing this again!' You really have to want to do it. It's up to him."

The pair seemed much more optimistic about the situation surrounding Pac. The former NXT and WWE Cruiserweight Champion was originally booked for AEW's first two events, but had to be pulled from the card over reported "creative differences."

"He's coming, eventually," Matt said. "He's coming though. We're pretty much at 99 percent [with him]."

"It's a work in progress," Nick added. "It's obvious that Matt and I are big fans of his. We met him like 10 years ago over in Japan, so we'll always have ties with him. We want to work things out with him."

He then stated Pac's involvement is a matter of fitting his schedule in with AEW's.


Cody Rhodes explained in an interview with back in June that he was still a member of the AEW roster.

"It's kind of a current, ongoing situation in terms of creative differences," Rhodes said. "It's the term we use, it's not everyone's favorite term to hear. But I love Pac, he's amazing. He's done a great job post-WWE with what he's done with Dragon Gate, what he's done with Rev Pro. And really the only thing I can say about it, because it is an ongoing situation, is that Pac is still part of AEW. It's something we're actively working on and making it happen. He's a big part of AEW.