Watch: Joey Janela Calls out Jim Cornette During Fight for the Fallen

Jim Cornette has made it no secret in the past that he doesn't care for Joey Janela, criticizing "The Bad Boy" for his wreckless style and dangerous stunts in the ring. During a six-man tag match at the Fight for the Fallen event on Saturday night, Janela gave his response to the former Midnight Express manager.

Late in a six-man tag match in the first match of the show's main card, Janela nailed Sammy Guevara with a Death Valley Driver right on the apron. He then sat up, looked directly at the camera and said "F— you Jim Cornette!" as he flipped the bird.


Janela wound up on the losing end as Shawn Spears pinned Darby Allin moments later to win the bout for his team.

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