Watch: R-Truth Wins Back the WWE 24/7 Championship by Attacking Drake Maverick in a Hotel Room

R-Truth claimed the WWE 24/7 Championship for a record ninth time during Monday Night Raw this week, pinning Drake Maverick just before he was about to consummate his marriage with his wife.

Just before Maverick and Renee Michelle were about to get down to business, Maverick recognized that the hotel room service was a WWE referee. Suddenly R-Truth appeared from under a cart that was brought into the room and tried to roll up Maverick for a pin. The champ kicked out, but then Truth hit him with a crossbody onto the bed and got the three count.

"I got my baby back! Truth shouted.

Truth's victory brought an end to Maverick's record-long reign with the title at 15 days. He recently appeared on the E&C Pod of Awesomeness, where he explained what he enjoys most about being involved with WWE's newest championship.


I've been loving it man. It gives me a chance to release. I can be funny, I can be entertaining; I am getting more views doing this than a wrestling match," Truth said. "I'm having a ball. I'm glad I can take something that everybody thought was the ugliest thing in the world — everybody loves it now. The title is not ugly, it just has a different look. I get to have so much fun with it and it can be never ending with me.

"The fact that I love most about it is that it gets a lot of the guys you don't see TV time," he added. "I even asked creative about using the guys more, using Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel as my bodyguards. Creative would say to me, 'Well, why wouldn't they want to pin you?' I'd tell them, 'Well, you don't want this ugly title, you want the tag team titles.' They would respond with, 'Yeah, he's right!' That's funny, comedy stuff. Things like that, there are so many things we can do with the 24/7 title. I don't want to do the same thing [each week] because it'll get boring."