Watch: Kevin Owens Gives Shane McMahon A Stunner On SmackDown Once Again

Another week, another Stunner for Shane McMahon.

This week's edition of SmackDown Live opened up with McMahon holding a town hall with the SmackDown superstars following his loss (alongside Drew McIntyre) to The Undertaker and Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules on Sunday. He told Owens earlier in the the day that his comments last week gave McMahon the idea to hold a Towl Hall to allow superstars to vent.

During the segment, several starts came forward to the microphone. Roman Reigns told McMahon nobody respects him and he can kiss his a-- (Shane said he would be fined). Charlotte Flair kissed up to Shane and said the McMahon family is kind, but she was interrupted by Liv Morgan and the two of them got into a verbal spat. Buddy Murphy acknowledged that Owens mentioned him last week but said that Owens should keep his name out of his mouth (Shane liked that).

Apollo Crews agreed with Owens' comments, but Andrade and Zelina Vega took issue to set-up a bout later. Elias tried to talk but was interrupted by The New Day. Kofi said Owens is making some good points but wouldn't go so far as to say he likes him. Kofi's mic got cut off, seemingly by McMahon, as the segment was about to end.

McMahon ended the segment but Cesaro appeared, saying he was there under the Wild Card Rule. He wanted a rematch with Aleister Black following Extreme Rules and his loss there. McMahon gave him the match (he lost again, in the next segment).

However, it was the end of the segment that popped the crowd the most as Owens emerged through the crowd once again wearing a WWE Crew t-shirt, just as he did last week after being barred from the building (for the record, they said he was barred again this week).


Owens emerged from behind McMahon as the crowd exploded and once again hit him with a Stunner before leaving through the crowd.

Watch it below.