Watch: R-Truth Defends WWE 24/7 Title at San Diego Comic Con

The WWE 24/7 title truly can be defended anywhere. On Friday, that championship defense happened at San Diego Comic Con.

R-Truth defended his title on the IGN Live stage on Friday. IGN has posted a video to their YouTube channel which you can see below. Truth was there for a live interview with Max Scoville and Sydnee Goodman. He spoke about how he has to stay incognito due to the nature of being the WWE 24/7 Champion and having to defend it everywhere.

"That sounds incredibly stressful," said Goodman.

They showed footage of Truth walking the Comic Con floor earlier in the day dressed in a penguin disguise (while still carrying the title belt over his shoulder). The crew was asking about his experience at the event when out of nowhere, he was interrupted by none other than former WWE star Shane "The Hurricane" Helms.

Truth had just been talking about the weather and Helms responded, "Weather? Well then I suggest that you stand back because there's a hurricane coming through."

Truth suggested that he looked like The Hurricane but was just someone in costume because he was "too thick," as he patted Helms' stomach. A WWE official then appeared, to which Truth accused him of also being a disguised fan.

At this point, Truth asked them if they wanted a picture and turned around. Hurricane then rolled him up for a two-count. He then ran off and Drake Maverick came in out of nowhere to roll Truth up for another two-count.


Truth then bailed as Maverick got on the microphone and talked about how R-Truth has ruined his life and marriage.

Check out the full segment below.