Watch: One of Sasha Banks' Chair Shots Nailed Becky Lynch on the Back of the Head

Sasha Banks made her shocking return to WWE television on this week's Monday Night Raw when she quickly turned heel and attacked an already-injured Natalya. The attack caused Becky Lynch to run down to the ring and make the save, but Banks got the upperhand during their brawl when she started repeatedly nailing Lynch with a steel chair in the back.

A fan video from ringside gave a closer look at Banks' beating, which showed that one of her chair shots nailed Lynch in the back of the head. Lynch posted that video to her own account, writing "#ReceiptsAreComing."

Throughout Banks' four-month hiatus from the company, Lynch repeatedly gave interviews where she tried to call out "The Boss." The latest came during a round of interviews days before SummerSlam.

"Yeah, [I would be interested in facing her] if Sasha Banks could hack it and she didn't just get her jacket - and she's off crying like Ronda Rousey - then I would love to face her," Lynch told Sky Sports. "But unfortunately, she couldn't take losing. She lost the [WWE Women's] Tag Team Championships and she was gone. She was gone! Some people can't hack losing - they can't step up. They can't realize that when you lose, it's just a chance to get better, it's a chance to learn, and it's a chance to grow.

"Instead, she wants to talk about, 'Oh, the freaking wind, and the freaking butterflies, and the freaking cocoons, and I'm a rabbit that's coming from the Earth and the soil,' and whatever else she wants to put on her little social media crap. Come fight me, Sasha, if you want it," she added.


Banks retweeted Lynch's interview shortly after the attack with a post of her own.

"The Boss" entered WrestleMania 35 as one half of the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships alongside Bayley. However she disappeared from television after dropping the titles in a four-team match to The IIconics, leading to numerous reports starting she was upset with how WWE's creative team was utilizing the titles. Bayley was quickly moved over to SmackDown and won the SmackDown Women's Champion, re-establishing herself as a singles star. When Banks returned on Monday Bayley posted a number of cryptic tweets.