Watch: 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Takes on Spicy Chicken Wings in Latest 'Hot Ones'

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin appeared on the Hot Ones YouTube series on Thursday, chowing down on some particularly spicy hot wings during an interview with Sean Evans.

Early on in the interview Austin promoted his new USA Network show, Straight Up Steve Austin.

"I enjoy meeting people, I enjoy talking to people. I'm curious by nature," he said. "The more you do something the better you get at it. So I'm hoping this season catches on so I can apply what I learned this season into another season and keep going from there. I don't think being a WWE Superstar made me a natural at it."

He was then asked about a few popular rumors about his days from the WWE. One that he confirmed was that some of the names WWE originally pitched him were Chilly McFreeze and Otto Von Ruthless.

"Based on the concept I gave them, they pitched me temperature-based names!" Austin said. "It wasn't about being temperature-based, it's cold-blooded. You know, like mean, remorseless, ruthless. And so I was like, 'You've got to be kidding me, this is the creative genius that's WWE?' There supposed to take anybody and everybody and turn them into a Superstar. So the names were absolutely ridiculous, and I could not believe that was the best they could come up with."

He also confirmed myths that he once pooped his pants in a match with Yokozuna and revealed that the brawl between he and Booker T inside a grocery store caused $10,000 in damages.

Austin didn't start getting bothered by the wings until he got to the Willshire Chille Farm, which sits at 104,000 on the Scoville scale.

He then made it to Da Bomb Hot Sauce, a whopping 135,600 on the scale. He said he was timing his heart rate, something Evans said no guest on the show had ever done before. He then was asked about various parts of wrestling terminology and told a story about how he gave a "receipt" to Big Boss Man during a match with a forearm shot straight to the face.

After another round, Austin made it to the Hot Ones last dab, which sits at 2,000,000+ on the scale. Evans said he was shocked that Austin was so calm up to this point, given how much previous guests had freaked out. Austin bit into the last wing without flinching.


The two shared a round of beers before closing out the episode.

Photo: YouTube/@FirstWeFeast