Seth Rollins Discovers Two Siblings After Taking 23andMe DNA Test

In an incredible story, WWE star Seth Rollins revealed on Tuesday night that he recently discovered he had two siblings after taking an at-home DNA test.

Rollins posted the news to his Twitter feed, noting it was the 23andMe DNA kit that clued him in on the fact that he has a brother and sister that he never knew existed.


23andMe is one of several home DNA testing services, with being the other most notable name in the industry. Both services have participants send in a sample of saliva to test their DNA and subsequently provide profile results within a few weeks of the sample being received. While Ancestry links test results to an extensive network of family trees that are unrivaled in the genealogical sphere, 23andMe boasts a one of a kind health predispositions and traits profiling.

Rollins currently holds the WWE Universal Championship and is one half of the WWE RAW Tag Team Champions (with Braun Strowman). He will defend the tag titles alongside Strowman this Sunday night at WWE Clash of Champions against Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler, then turn around and defend the Universal Championship against his partner Strowman later in the show.