Cain Velasquez Pulled From Match at WWE Live Event in Mexico

Cain Velasquez first arrived in WWE back in early October, but it looks like the former UFC Heavyweight Champion's health is already becoming a nagging issue for WWE's plans. The company announced back in mid-October that Velasquez would team with Rey Mysterio for a match at an upcoming live event in Mexico City. However due to Velasquez's injured knee, which will reportedly require surgery in the near future, has caused the company to switch things around. The new card features Mysterio teaming with Humberto Carrillo and features Velaquez making an appearance. Velasquez made his in-ring debut for the company at Crown Jewel, though the status of his knee caused his WWE Championship match with Brock Lesnar to only last roughly two minutes.

Check out the full advertising for the Mexico City event on Nov. 30. Days before the show, Mysterio will challenge Lesnar for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series in Chicago.

Though he teased the possibility of joining AEW, Velasquez signed a multi-year contract with WWE shortly after his SmackDown debut.

"It's probably WWE," Velasquez told ESPN prior to signing. "Again, it's just me and the guys, the camaraderie. Working with Cody and AEW, I love what they're doing, Tony Khan. It's awesome, it's competition. And that always drives everything to be its best. And to me, working tonight with WWE, it's just from the get go when I first got to work at the WWE training center, to be there for a week, they welcomed me with open arms and everyone was such a team player."


Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer reported on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that, if Velasquez gets major surgery on the injured left knee, he could be out of action until after WrestleMania 36 in April.

"They could do Cain [vs. Lesar at WrestleMania]," Meltzer said. "You know, do a one and one, you do Saudi Arabia, Cain gets the surgery, comes back. But if Cain gets the surgery I'm not sure he's back, if he gets full reconstructive surgery on that knee. Let's say he gets it in November, he's missing Mania for sure, not even a chance. Maybe he can get minor surgery and be back, maybe."

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