Scott Hall Talks WWE, Saudi Arabia Controversy

WWE has been praised and criticized for their relationship working with the Saudi Arabian government ever since announcing the deal nearly two years ago. However, the criticisms have been much more widespread than the praise.

Speaking with the TMPT Empire Podcast, wrestling legend Scott Hall explained why he believes the working agreement is a good thing for both sides.

"I think everything is great and I love the way that I study what goes on not just what happens in all aspects of our industry and not just in the ring, but I like to watch behind the scenes and just the way that WWE has educated the fans in Saudi Arabia," Hall explained. "Like at first they notoriously came late to the show. The show started and nobody was there, because they are not conditioned for that and not really responding to the matches and cheering and booing they do customarily in the US but after this as about the third or fourth time over there now the fans are getting educated how to enjoy the show to the maximum. To cheer, to boo and to just have fun with it and it is great to see and how later in the night they have the first ever women’s match in Saudi Arabia.

"So you can say what they want, I know WWE took a lot of heat for continuing to do business with Saudi after the one reporter was killed and stuff. But in their defense you can’t change anything about standing in their way, so they don’t agree with the guy being assassinated and they can’t change by sitting in Stamford, Connecticut and all the can do is come and show the American way up close and personal. I think it is a good thing."


The criticisms of WWE and the Saudi deal really came to a head one week ago when there was trouble getting almost 200 WWE employees back from the country following the latest Crown Jewel event. WWE has explained the 24 hour flight delay as due to mechanical problems, though there reportedly remains doubt among several performers themselves that that is the entirety of the story.

Despite the criticisms, WWE announced an extension of their deal with Saudi Arabia to the year 2027 on Monday.