The Fiend Attacks His Next Target on WWE SmackDown

Fans who tuned into WWE SmackDown tonight saw Sami Zayn attempt an episode-long campaign to get Daniel Bryan to let him help him like he's helped Shinsuke Nakamura in recent months, and it seemed like he was making quite a bit of headway. At one point Zayn got Bryan to come out and watch Nakamura's matchup later in the episode, and he seemed impressed. Later on, we saw Bryan head backstage to talk to Zayn, and it seemed like the partnership was going to become official when the lights went off and everything turned red. That's when The Fiend appeared behind Bryan, and once Zayn saw him he bolted out of the room.

That left Bryan alone with The Fiend, who started laughing and then attacked Bryan, chocking him and knockin him down to the floor. He then loomed above Bryan and continued to laugh that disturbing laugh, and the segment faded to black. It seems The Fiend delighted in knocking Bryan out before he could make another ally, and we are definitely interested to see what Bryan's next move is.

That is if he has the chance to make a next move. With The Fiend, you never know when he's going to strike. All we know is Bryan is in his sights, and as Seth Rollins can tell you, that's never a good thing.

You can check out the official description for tonight's SmackDown below.

"In the wake of last week's NXT take over, SmackDown Superstars are out to make a statement as Roman Reigns battles King Corbin, Tyson Fury makes a blue brand appearance and The New Day gets a title opportunity against The Revival."

The full card for SmackDown is as follows.

Roman Reigns vs. King Corbin

The Revival vs. The New Day


Sasha Banks vs. Nikki Cross

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