Sheamus Says WWE Pitched for Him to Have a Terrible New Look

After being absent from WWE television for most of 2019, Sheamus recently returned to the Friday Night SmackDown roster. Fans were quick to notice that "The Celtic Warrior" had ditched his massive mohawk hairstyle, opting instead to go back to his classic look from the early 2010s. But, according to him, that wasn't always the plan. The former WWE Champion spoke with Alex McCarthy of TalkSport this week and revealed that WWE's creative team had an idea for what his new look should be, an the final result sounded awfully similar to Gentleman Jack Gallagher from the 205 Live roster.

"Mate, I got these notebooks of ideas from creative with like, a small moustache, and suspenders and my hair go over to the looked almost exactly like Jack Gallagher from 205 Live and I said 'you know, we have a person who looks just like this here, right?' Man, if I did any of it any of those pictures, I'd just be done! I would have been toast," Sheamus said. "The amount of slaggings (abuse) I would have gotten.. and that would have just been off my granny! It was just terrible.

"But you know, we just went so far with the Mohawk," he continued. "The Mohawk was done. I thought about it and, creatively, myself and a guy I work with called Ray, we just talked about it and it was like [debuting the mohawk] so shocking, you know, and I got that reaction 'you look stupid' and stuff and it was a great reaction. It was completely different because we we just hit a roadblock with whatever it was. You can't go further than that."


During his absence Sheamus grew his personal YouTube channel, Celtic Warrior Workouts, which centers around the physical training different wrestlers undergo in order to stay in shape. The Irish wrestler told McCarthy he managed to get into the best shape of his life during his hiatus.

"I look back at some of the stuff from 2012 and I think to myself, man, we shouldn’t make excuses. You know?
we’re professional athletes. It’s WWE. I look back at some of this stuff and I’m like, man, what was my excuse? I didn’t really take my diet as seriously as I do now," he said. And that’s the thing now: I look at my first 10 years, it’s just the dress rehearsal. My eyes are open now.

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