Becky Lynch Rumored for Very Busy Royal Rumble

Right now, all we know is that Becky Lynch will challenge Asuka at the Royal Rumble for the SmackDown Women's Champion. But apparently, she'll be doing a lot more on that night.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, current plans have Lynch losing her bout with Asuka. However, Lynch is reportedly expected to be a surprise entrant in the Rumble and actually go on to win the hallowed battle royal. With the Rumble win, Lynch would challenge Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania 35 with Charlotte Flair getting added to the fray via a qualifying match at Fastlane or Elimination Chamber.

Wow. There's plenty to unpack here, but we'll start with Asuka vs. Lynch. While it is possible Lynch regains her title with a win, that means she would not enter the Rumble — something that would upset many fans. If Lynch misses the battle royal that means Charlotte Flair would probably have to win and WWE would need to get creative to get all three (Lynch Rousey, Flair) in a triple threat for 'Mania. But if Lynch were to lose to Asuka, that frees her to win the Rumble, a moment that would melt fans and make things easier for WWE — a win-win.

While the WWE Universe would accept Flair winning the Rumble, this is a moment that belongs to Lynch. Recent months have seen her emerge from relative obscurity to literally leading WWE's charge into 2019. Lynch vs. Rousey is absolutely the best WrestleMania match WWE can craft and is likely to the main event the show. However, by including Flair, a history-making all-women's main event is all but guaranteed.


Many WWE rumors can feel like they lack substance. However, this one fits a narrative that's been building for quite some time. Everyone—fans and WWE decision makers alike—is behind Becky Lynch. While Vince McMahon and Co. may have been hoping it was Rousey who would cultivate this momentum, they're likely happy to be riding Lynch's wave on the road to WrestleMania. Her losing to Asuka and entering the Rumble, only to win it, feels more like a spoiler than a rumor.

It's possible that WWE gives the 'Mania main event to Rousey and Lynch, but it's unlikely. Rousey has a legitimate beef with both Lynch and Flair and that is no random occurrence. WWE has been setting this Triple Threat up since Survivor Series. They added another chapter to this hate triangle when Rousey cost both Flair and Lynch a championship at TLC. Whether it's via Elimination Chamber or Fastlane, Flair will find a way to get involved.