Booker T Has Harsh Words for Matt Riddle Over Brock Lesnar Situation

One of the most talked about incidents coming out of last weekend's WWE Royal Rumble didn't happen on camera.

Reports surfaced that there was some sort of altercation between Matt Riddle and Brock Lesnar backstage in Houston. Lesnar was reportedly upset about the way that Riddle has been calling him out on social media for years and let him know that he has no plans to ever do business with him in a WWE ring.

During The Hall of Fame this week, Booker T spoke about the incident. First, he was very direct with Riddle and the way that Booker sees the situation.

"Watch what you say first and foremost, Matt, because guys out there can really make you look like something that you really aren't," Booker said.

He went on to compare WWE to UFC in regards to calling out opponents. Both Lesnar and Riddle spent time in MMA.

"You got to know somebody first in order to do something like that," Booker T said. "This ain't the UFC. Where you see these guys talking so much smack to each other back and forth and what not. Now on the other hand, when the Corey Graves thing started. When all of those reports started coming out, I called Corey Graves and said 'Don't say nothing just let it ride. Let's see if you get a few clicks out of this. Let's see if we get a few followers.' And it became something, but we both knew what was up. Everybody else thought Corey and I had a lot of heat already, so if they think we have heat, let's do something with it."

He continued on, explaining his point of view.

"This is professional wrestling," Booker said. "This is not the UFC where it's real, and it's organic to where the fans are buying in to it. But with professional wrestling, it's not like that. You don't come in and go into business for yourself in professional wrestling.

"Be careful what you say even if your are just messing around. Think about what you are going to say because people can take it and edit it and make it sound like what they want it to sound like and trust me that's what you don't want."

A Riddle vs. Lesnar match is definitely something with some serious potential, but unless Lesnar eventually gets on board, it's not going to happen. As of right now, the odds don't look good and Booker explained that perhaps Riddle can learn from the situation.


"Lesson to be learned: Don't work an angle unless you know the guy," Booker said. "It's bad for business. That's just the way I feel about it."

[H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcript]