John Cena Returns To WWE At The Hall Of Fame Ceremony Attachment

cena hof
(Photo: WWE)

During Saturday night's WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, the 15-time World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena made a surprise return as he inducted Snoop Dogg into the celebrity wing of the Hall.

"He invited me into his recording studio and I got to make music with the master," Cena said.

At the end of 2002, fans will remember that Cena dressed up as Vanilla Ice at a SmackDown! Halloween Party where Stephanie McMahon joked about Cena's appearance as he busted a freestyle. Of course, Cena would have a rapping gimmick as the "Doctor of Thuganomics" for a few years, dropping a rap album in 2005--which was certified Platinum in 2010.

Cena praised Snoop for his acceptance of Cena's love of hip hop, and mentioned that he had been embraced by Snoop instead of getting the cold shoulder. "When a hoodlum from the mean streets of West Newbury, Massachusetts that he was the doctor of thuganomics at the top of his lungs, Snoop Dogg caught wind of this and could have easily turned his nose up like so many others did; he did not."

Sidelined with a shoulder injury back in January, it was noted that Cena would likely miss WrestleMania, but meaning that in a participating capacity. Could this mean that Cena drops in Sunday night during WrestleMania?


WrestleMania 32 airs Sunday April 3rd only on the WWE Network.