Former Members of The Revival Hit With WWE Cease and Desist Letter

Since leaving WWE just over one month ago, Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood (formerly Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson of The Revival) have already had an eventful time on their own. They received their first cease and desist letter when a North Carolina tag team calling themselves The Revolt took issue with the former members of The Revival using the phrase "Fear The Revolt" and what they believed was the team's intent to use the same The Revolt tag team name. Now, the former WWE team has received a second cease and desist order, this time from their former employers in Connecticut, according to a report from

WWE reportedly send the duo a cease and desist over a t-shirt they were selling on their new Pro Wrestling Tees store. The shirt was a play on a character makeover that WWE had attempted to sell the team on before they left the company. As reported at the time, it was to be a comedy gimmick complete with new outfits and theme music that, honestly, was such an unbelievably awful idea that it is hard to believe it was real. Vince McMahon reportedly presented the idea to The Revival personally at one point. However, this new cease and desist letter once again proves the authenticity of WWE presenting this as a real plan to the team.

Photos of the ridiculous mock-ups that WWE had presented to The Revival previously were exclusively posted by Bodyslam in mid-April. Following their release, the team then turned around, made a few changes to that design, and were selling it on a t-shirt. According to WWE, this was too close to what they had penned for the team and so they sent out the legal letter. WWE claimed ownership of the image despite the changes the team had made to the original.

The shirt has indeed been pulled from the team's Pro Wrestling Tees store, but you can see a screenshot of what it looked like below.


Does anyone out there think that this idea was a good one and would have worked if the team would have stayed with WWE? What do you think of WWE's actions here in sending the cease and desist letter over the t-shirt? Let us know in our comments section below!

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