Sami Zayn Describes WWE Absence As A 'Gift'

Given the current state of WWE television, there's no doubt that both brands could benefit from the talent of a Sami Zayn right about now.

Zayn has been out of action since early August when he underwent surgery on his shoulders. Though going through an injury like that could be depressing for some, Zayn has kept a positive mindset throughout his absence from WWE and has been enjoying himself.

In a tweet on Friday, Zayn wrote of his extended leave:

"Double shoulder surgery isn't fun, but I see the whole experience as a gift. Time off wrestling gave me perspective, about myself and the world around me. Honest introspection/critical reflection is SO valuable, and it costs nothing. To heal the world, we must heal ourselves."

Zayn is well regarded for his humanitarian relief efforts as seen by the tremendous work he has put in with his "Sami for Syria" project that has seen over $100,000 raised for mobile medical clinics in the war-torn country.


As of last word, Zayn is expected back in action sometime in early 2019. The goal seemed to have always been to have him back in time for the Royal Rumble and we haven't heard anything that would dispute that still being the case.

Prior to his exit for surgery, Zayn had been moved to the RAW brand and was involved in a feud with Bobby Lashley. That feud culminated with Zayn losing to Lashley at the Money In The Bank PPV event just prior to his exit from the company for double rotator cuff surgery.