WWE: What Happened To Sasha Banks At Roadblock?

During the 30 minute Iron Man match at Roadblock: End of the Line, Sasha Banks and Charlotte gave viewers something the WWE has done it's best to eradicate over the past decade; blood in a wrestling match. After the 30 minute time limit ended in a draw, Sasha began the sudden death overtime bleeding profusely from her nose in a spot that was definitely not designed for that purpose.

When Charlotte went to kick out of the backstabber pin attempt, her boot inadvertently crashed down on Sasha's nose, which left Banks a bloody mess over the last five minutes or before she tapped to Charlotte in a wild and somewhat controversial finish to the women’s title match.

The WWE's policy on blood over the past several years has been for the ringside medics to attempt to stop the bleeding before letting the match continue. Perhaps the injury happening so close to the planned ending of the match caused WWE officials to let the match go on as planned.

While many are upset that the women's championship has changed hands in 6 of the 6 singles matches these two have had, no one can deny the passion and dedication Charlotte and Sasha Banks have put into this feud. From NXT to Hell in a Cell to this Ironman match, these two ladies have pushed the women's revolution farther than any two superstars in WWE history.

There is currently no update on whether Sasha's injury will cause her to miss any ring time, but this morning Sasha tweeted out a beautiful video of her interaction with a fan with cerebral palsy before last night's event.


If this video is any indication, I believe we'll be seeing the Boss back in the ring very soon.

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