Batwoman EP Says "Never Say Never" to a Batman Cameo

08/06/2019 05:55 pm EDT

It remains one of the biggest questions regarding The CW's upcoming Batwoman series: will Batman be making an appearance in the new Arrowverse series. With Ruby Rose's heroine stepping up for Gotham after Batman's disappearance, it makes sense that fans would be curious about the Dark Knight's potential presence in the series, and it's something that executive producer Caroline Dries hasn't ruled out.

At Sunday's Television Critics Association press tour, Dries was asked once again about the likelihood of Batman making a cameo in the series at this point and it sounds like it's not off the table.

"We like to say never say never," Dries said.

Dries has actually addressed the Batman question quite a few times, most recently during the show's San Diego Comic-Con panel last month. At that time, Dries offered a bit more in the way of an explanation of the situation, particularly pointing out that they have to have permission in order to bring Batman to the show.

"Anything is possible," Dries told fans. "Everyone in the room knows how strict Warner Bros. is with the Batman property."

Executive producer Sarah Schechter took things a bit further at the time, noting that the absence of the more popular male hero is something that has already worked well for another Arrowverse hero frequently seen as being in her cousin's shadow -- Supergirl. On that show, the absence of Superman in the beginning really helped define the heroine, something that may be replicated on Batwoman.

"I think there's so much fun to have without him, not that I'm not a big fan," Schechter said.

While it doesn't seem like Batman is expected to show up right away on Batwoman, that doesn't mean the Arrowverse isn't going to get a Batman, even if only briefly. It was recently announced that Batman: The Animated Series icon Kevin Conroy will appear in "Crisis on Infinite Earths" as Bruce Wayne/Batman and though it's not entirely clear the details of Conroy's appearance, it's possible that Conroy could end up being the Arrowverse's "real" Batman, opening up a world of opportunities for not just Batwoman, but all the heroes of the shared universe.

However, just because Batman may not be part of the show doesn't mean his enemies won't be. During the show's SDCC panel, it was revealed that during the first season of the series, Kate Kane's Batwoman (Rose) will find herself targeted by Batman's enemies. This led to the reveal that the series will introduce Tommy Elliot who will, eventually, become the supervillain Hush in an origin story that will develop over the course of the show's first season.

Batwoman will premiere Sunday, October 6th at 8/7c on The CW.

Additional reporting by Scott Huver.

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