Super Smash Bros. Community Bullies 15-Year-Old Girl For Beating Pro

07/05/2019 09:37 pm EDT

Over the years, the Super Smash Bros. community has earned a reputation for being a bit unpleasant at times. Whether this is earned or not, is up for debate, but this week the community -- or at least a portion of it -- once again found itself swallowed up in controversy. So, what happened? Well apparently after beating a pro at a recent esports tournament, Super Smash Bros. player "Bocchi" -- a 15-year-old girl -- was harassed by a considerable amount of the Smash community. According to the young Smash player, after she upset Ally in a tournament, she began to receive harassment, presumably from fans of the pro.

As you can see, the harassment and negative attention got so bad that Bocchi had to take a break from streaming and social media, and was even thinking, at one point, of retiring from the game all together or at least playing under a different name. Thankfully, it appears she decided to not retire, but that doesn't negate the fact that after a monumental victory she had to deal with a bunch of nonsense no one should ever have to deal with.

Again, the Super Smash Bros. community has a track-record that includes some rotten things, so, sadly, this isn't very surprising. And, as you will know, the harassment of top female players and pros is still a prevalent problem that impacts all competitive games.

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