UFO Experts Claims Texas Footage Is "100% an Alien Craft"

10/29/2020 07:25 pm EDT

After a global pandemic, killer hornets, and a U.S. Presidential election, if it seems like the only thing that can possibly be the 2020 "season finale" is a visit from space invaders, you may not be completely wrong. A purported UFO sighting in Texas is "100%" an alien craft, according to Scott Waring, who maintains the website UFO Sightings Daily and is something of an expert in strange phenomena. Waring shared a video and a photo of the same object, and said that the way the object moved, along with what he said was a "highly detailed" photo, left little to the imagination.

An eyewitness said that he encountered the same UFO twice -- once when he was driving and unable to take any photos or video, and then again later, when he managed to get the camera out. You can see the video below.

Here's how UFO Sightings Daily relates the eyewitness's story:

"I was at a stop light and looked up to see a metal sphere shape moving right under the clouds in a fast steady direction-the object seemed to have a green light coming from it whether it be an aura or steady lights I can't say, I just know I noticed it being a metal ball and there was green on it or around it shining. I tried to video it but my video didn't record it and I almost got in a wreck so I had to move on and pulled over and when I looked back up it was gone! Later in the day I kept looking up obsessively to try and spot it again and saw a white glowing orb just hanging out in the sky above me and I was able to film that however that wasn't nearly as exciting as seeing what I saw at the stoplight but regardless both sightings by me in one day! So my video is of second sighting with the basic white glowing orb but not the cool sphere unfortunately."

His commentary provides a little bit of context for the find, noting that "The video is fantastic and terrific evidence, but its the high detailed photo that confirms its 100% an alien craft."

You can see the footage and photo and make a determination for yourself, but with the recent announcement that NASA has found evidence of water on the moon, it seems likely claims about UFOs and aliens will only increase in the coming months.

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