The Last of Pods: A and ET Podcast for The Last of Us Coming Soon

01/13/2023 04:08 pm EST

On January 15th, and ET will join forces for a crossover podcast, The Last of Pods. The Last of Pods will release new episodes every Sunday, centered around HBO's The Last of Us, taking a deep dive into new episodes of the TV show based on the popular video game. The Last of Pods will be broadcast on's YouTube channel and made available on all major podcast platforms, with insights, reactions, theories, and exclusive interviews being featured throughout the first season of The Last of Us.

The Last of Pods aims to cultivate an enthusiastic audience of The Last of Us fans, both those who have played the popular video game and those going into the new TV series with no knowledge of the source material. Episodes will regularly compare events of the series to how they happened in the games, discuss the making of new episodes with cast, writers, and directors, and save spoilers for what happens next (according to the games) for the end of each episode! Clear warnings will be given as a means to keep those ears immune to any spoiler-y bites! The first two-thirds of each episode is a safe zone for those unfamiliar with Ellie and Joel's video game journeys!

Ash Crossan is a content producer and digital correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. She's hosted some of the biggest stages in fandom, from The Mandalorian during Star Wars Celebration to Marvel's coveted Hall H presentation at San Diego Comic-Con. She's now best friends with Grogu, the two text on a regular basis. "After playing (crying) through The Last Of Us multiple times, I'm ready to get hurt again," Crossan said. "I'm excited for The Last of Pods to become a community for fans of the series to share thoughts, feelings, and theories regarding each episode. Working alongside Brandon has been on my wishlist for quite some time, and now, it's kismet that we get to come together through our mutual love of The Last of Us and get to call it work."

Brandon Davis is a host and producer for Prior to The Last of Pods and Phase Zero, Davis hosted and produced Game Over: An Evening With Joe Russo to follow the release of Avengers: Endgame and's The Walking Dead recap series After the Dead, interviewing The Walking Dead stars and offering exclusive insights for the zombie series. A longtime fan of The Last of Us, Davis said, "The Last of Pods is a surreal thing to be hosting because I remember playing the first game like it was yesterday. I remember renting it and playing through it as fast as possible so I could start over again! Now, I get to work with Ash on this podcast and be part of the weekly conversation for a show which I've been waiting for and couldn't be more excited about. I hope we build an awesome and welcoming community of fans who want to have fun talking and learning about The Last of Us on The Last of Pods, even if that means our hearts all break together when we get to Part II."

The Last of Pods episodes will release every Sunday following new episodes of The Last of Us. The first episode premieres on January 15th. Links to where to listen to and/or watch The Last of Pods can be found below!

The Last of Pods will premiere its first episode on Sunday, January 15th after 10 p.m. ET. Subscribe to the podcast feeds and video channels now to be notified when new episodes are available! For constant updates about The Last of Us and news about guests on The Last of Pods, follow The Last of Pods on its official Twitter account, @TheLastofPods

The Last of Pods is your safe zone for all things The Last of Us. The series is set to be hosted and produced by Ash Crossan (Entertainment Tonight) and Brandon Davis ( The Last of Pods joins's growing portfolio of engaging and highly focused podcast content, following the cover-all series ComicBook Nation hosted by Kofi Outlaw, Janell Wheeler, and Matt Aguilar, the Marvel-centric Phase Zero series hosted by Davis, Jenna Anderson, Aaron Perine, and Jamie Jirak, and the Pokemon-centric show A Wild Podcast Has Appeared hosted by Megan Peters, Jim Viscardi, and Christian Hoffer.

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