'Scream: The TV Series' Could Finally Be Released Following Legal Settlement

11/05/2018 05:13 pm EST

After months of relative silence about its future, the third season of Scream: The TV Series could finally be seeing the light of day due to a recent legal settlement.

The Weinstein Company owned the rights to the series when it was developed, with the third season having been filmed early last year. Last fall, the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal resulted in the company filing for bankruptcy, creating complications for the adaptation of the franchise.

The first two seasons of the series aired on MTV, though the third season was set to reboot the adaptation, with its broadcast format being completely restructured. The previous seasons aired new episodes weekly, with this new approach instead airing six episodes over the course of a three-night event.

In the wake of The Weinstein Company going bankrupt, the fate of the series entered limbo. Recent reports detailed that Lantern Capital had acquired rights to some of TWC's assets, Scream included, with Lantern and Netflix having settled the disputes regarding distribution rights. While the details of the settlement are undisclosed, this essentially means that Lantern is free to shop around Scream to other networks or potentially other streaming services.

While this is a small step for the series, it's a step in the right direction, which could result in the new episodes finally seeing the light of day.

What made many of these delays especially frustrating is that, earlier this year, star KeKe Palmer had claimed that the season would debut "soon" and that it could see release by the spring. Obviously, this didn't happen, with no official word emerging from any parties about what the plans for release were.

The series debuted in 2015 and, rather than being a direct adaptation or continuation of the film series, served as a reimagining of the concept. The show depicted a small town plagued by a murderer who had mysterious origins, leaving the town's teens to piece together the clues to identify the killer. This narrative was continued in the second season.

Adding to the confusion about the third season was this past August's announcement that Mary J. Blige had joined the cast. Last month, Candyman star Tony Todd shared photos of himself on the show's set, implying that he had joined the cast as well. With casting announcements having been made long after the season had apparently wrapped, it's unclear if Blige and Todd were added as part of the series' reshoots or if the entire season was potentially scrapped.

Whatever happens with the series, this legal settlement helps take one obstacle out of the way of its release.

Stay tuned for details on the future of Scream: The TV Series.

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