Krysten Ritter Teases Different Dynamic Between Jessica and Trish for ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 3

05/27/2018 11:27 pm EDT

Jessica Jones season 3 will be forced to confront the fallout between Jessica (Krysten Ritter) and adoptive sister Trish (Racheal Taylor) following a major betrayal, which Ritter says will lead to a "really different" dynamic between the former best friends.

During a Q&A session at Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas, Ritter was asked if Jessica will be able to find forgiveness for Trish, who shot and killed Jessica's superpowered mother (Janet McTeer).

"I don't know and I've been thinking a lot about that, because we're going into season 3 and how things were left were so hardcore," Ritter said.

Ritter said she uses Jessica's love for Trish as a baseline for her character, a technique that helps the actress navigate sullen loner and damaged super-human detective Jessica.

"I built so much of my performance and so much of what I do with the character, if I ever get lost or if I'm ever like, 'oh, what am I gonna do with this scene,' I kind of always go back to Jessica's love for Trish," Ritter said.

"Trish is the most important person to her. And now she has betrayed her in this huge way, and I don't know what's gonna happen. I think it's gonna be an interesting challenge for me, in my performance, to flip it. And really, that's gonna be a big struggle I think, because it's the only person she loves and lives for, to now have that taken away from her I think is gonna be really, really challenging and tricky. Yeah, I don't know."

Ritter praised co-star Taylor, whose Trish Walker was "kinda the baddie" for season 2, Ritter added.

"I love when Racheal and I are on the same page, I love when we're out investigating things together," Ritter said. "We have so much fun, she's like my real life best friend and sister, so now the dynamic is gonna be really different."

Jessica Jones season 2 revealed Jessica's mother, long believed dead, survived the car accident that killed the rest of the Jones family but left a then-teenaged Jessica with superpowers.

Trish ended Alisa Jones' killing spree by shooting her in the head — destroying Trish's relationship with Jessica in the process.

During the panel, Ritter expressed her hopes for Jessica in season 3, saying she wants to see Jessica "step into her potential."

Jessica Jones season 3 begins production soon. Seasons 1 and 2 are available in full on Netflix.

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