Taika Waititi Has Perfect Response to 'Thor: Ragnarok' Being Dubbed the "Gayest" MCU Movie Ever

06/21/2018 08:10 pm EDT

There have been a lot of rankings of Marvel Cinematic Universe films over the years, most frequently concerning which ones are the best and which are the worst. Now, there's a list declaring Thor: Ragnarok the "gayest" film in the MCU and director Taika Waititi? He had the perfect response.

In a recent article for Vulture, writer Kyle Buchanan declared that the third film in the Thor franchise, Thor: Ragnarok to be the gayest of all the films in the MCU. He came to this conclusion through an entirely unscientific and completely hilarious evaluation of, as he puts it "their homoeroticism, star casting, best outfits, and other gay intangibles". The film beat out the rest of the MCU by a significant margin and, upon seeing the news? Well, just check out Waititi's response.

"Yaaaasssss! Take that "Iron" Man!" Waititi wrote on Twitter along with colorful string of emojis.

So, what makes Ragnarok the gayest film in the MCU? Turns out while a shirtless Chris Hemsworth as Thor is an integral part, the real MVPs come down to the women in the movie as well as Waititi himself. Buchanan gives the most points (500 in his count) to the images he wanted for the pieces.

"When I was thinking about which pictures I wanted for this article, my first instinct was 'Shirtless Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, and Cate Blanchett,' and then I remembered those were all from the same movie."

However, Ragnarok did lose some points when it came to Thompson's character, Valkyrie. In comics, Valkyrie is bisexual, though she wasn't portrayed as specifically and explicitly queer in Ragnarok. It's an issue that was the source of some debate, with Thompson herself even weighing in on social media that while the character she played on screen was true to comics roots, they didn't get that explicit about her sexuality in the film.

Outside of the women, it was Waititi himself who got a solid amount of points, first for apparently wearing a mesh shirt at a party once, and by the author making the judgment call that while Waititi is married to a woman he "fully believe he would at least make out with himself." Buchanan then challenged Waititi to in, fact, find a way to make out with himself and offered an extra hundred points if he does it.

If anyone can do it, Waititi can.

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