Venom Producer Teases "Big Plans" for Spider-Man

11/21/2019 09:41 pm EST

Spider-Man fans from all around the world lost all composure this Summer when it looked like the Wall-Crawler wouldn't be having any more adventures in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, it might be time for Spidey to make a stop in the universe that Venom calls home.'s Brandon Davis had a chance to sit down with Venom's producer, Matt Tolmach, and talk about the possibility of the two sharing a screen in the near future. When pressed for comment, all Tolmach could offer was that "We have big plans." That should be enough for Spider-Fans to get their engines going. Everything said from both the Sony and Marvel sides after the agreement to share custody of Spider-Man was made official has hinted at this possibility. A future where the hero hops universes and pops up in both MCU productions and Sony's growing offerings is absolutely possible. Neither side is tipping their hand, but it does seem to be heading in that direction as of right now.

One man who knows a lot about the anti-hero is Venom director Ruben Fleischer, who agrees with the above sentiment. He was promoting his recent feature, Zombieland: Double Tap, when Fandom asked him about Holland's Spider-Man. Could the hero be facing off against Venom on the big screen? Andy Serkis might be stepping in to direct the upcoming sequel to Venom's first outing, but Fleischer absolutely thinks we're headed for a meeting between the Spider and the Symbiote at some point.

"That's where it's all going to lead," Fleischer said. "And that's the exciting thing, because we changed the origin of Venom … in the comics, he evolved from Spider-Man but because of the Marvel-Sony thing we weren't able to that. And so the thing I think it's building towards, and will be exciting to see, is when they actually do confront each other."

Now, nobody knows what shape that eventual crossover could take. If things continue like this, it will be hard to get any hard details until the announcement is made. But, the Madame Webb movie currently in development at Sony could hold some keys to what the vision for the future of Holland's Spider-Man and the larger Spider-Verse will become. Kevin Feige believes that's where this whole thing is headed as well.

"I think probably it's up to Sony," Feige told CinemaBlend when asked about the prospect of a team-up film. "Sony has both those characters and, has Venom in their world. I don't know what their plans are for another Venom or if they're doing that. But it seems likely at some point."

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