How Did That Death Go In The Walking Dead Comics?

TWD Arrow Death

Warning! Major spoilers for the fourteenth episode of The Walking Dead's sixth season (Twice As Far) follow! And if you're here to claim that the thumbnail contained the spoiler, it didn't, so stop here!

In Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead, we lost a semi-main character. We said goodbye to Denise just as we were beginning to fall in love with her.

Seriously, when she said, "I threw up on my glasses," you had to just want to give her a gigantic hug.

In any case, she's dead now. The grim reaper made filled his quota for the weekend but it isn't how he originally planned. Denise's "arrow through the head and eye" death originally belonged to another character: Abraham.

In The Walking Dead comics, Abraham was on a supply run with his pal Eugene outside of the Alexandria walls when death came for him. He had just broken up with Rosita and he was spilling some of his feelings to Eugene just as an arrow pierced through his skull and killed him. The arrow came from Dwight. Knowing that Abraham and Rosita had recently broken up, Dwight had Daryl's crossbow, and Eugene and Abe were out scouting, the powers that be at The Walking Dead decided to play with our expectations a bit.

Unfortunately for Denise, that play on our expectations spelt the end for her. It was genuinely shocking.

Of course, many folks are probably wondering if this means Abraham is now safe. Absolutely not. In the words os Michael Cudlitz, "If they're gonna kill Hershel, they're gonna kill anyone."

Does this mean that Negan's introduction can be altered? Absolutely. The Walking Dead has never been afraid to stray from the comics with certain moments while maintaining the overarching story. Yes, Glenn is still a front running candidate to be Negan's first victim, but the chances of a different character meeting their demise can't be ruled out.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.

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    • CB133547
    • 2 Posts in 10 Months

    Major Spoiler - so the picture we use shows someone with an arrow through their head........ FFS

    • JimmyNeon
    • 37 Posts in 30 Months

    A minor and boring character died, nothing shocking about that at all.

  1. and who is the arrow pointing to?  And you have another aritcle saying the actress knew her death was coming, and the thumbnail is of her hugging her costar...

    Just face it, you guys are really bad at not spoiling shows with article titles and pics.

    • ___
    • 18 Posts in 14 Months

    Also she was a fat and ugly lesbian, and I only like hot lesbiens.

  2. ___ said ... (original post)

    Also she was a fat and ugly lesbian, and I only like hot lesbiens.

    Just like I'm sure women like hot and ripped men, but eventually someone will settle for you anyways. 

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