Killer Moth First Look Revealed After Batgirl Cancellation

08/10/2022 10:16 am EDT

Batgirl has been canceled and Killer Moth has been revealed. On Instagram, stunt performer Jules Wallace showed off his look for the villain's stunt double. It's interesting to wonder how a beloved DC Comics character would figure into that project. Famously, Warner Bros. Discovery has holstered the Batgirl movie citing it's pivot away from HBO Max features. CEO David Zaslav actually said that he wants DC movies to focus on pillars of their comics universe like Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. While this move has been talked about ad-nauseam online, there are also a large subsection of fans who has been looking forward to seeing what Batgirl would look like. Beloved actor Michael Keaton was brought back into the fold to be Batman in this iteration of the character. There were rumblings that other figures from the universe would pop up in some capacity too. So, the specter of what could have been hangs over ever discussion about Batgirl.

Wallace said, "Doesn't seem much point keeping quiet about this now and sucks we won't get to see it on screen, but here you go. Doubled 'Killer Moth' in Batgirl, along with my pal Stevie who doubled Commissioner Gordon. Quite a long chaotic shoot but we had a great time and glad to see many of the US and European cast and crew left with a love of Glasgow and Scotland."

On Instagram, Ivory Aquino talked about the movie getting canceled. She thanked anyone involved for the opportunity. It would have been interesting to see what they could do rather than the current situation.

"Our time in Glasgow was filled with lotsa laughter, joy, love, passion & dedication from the amazing crew & close-knit cast," Aqunio's post read. "Batgirl was truly a labor of love we were excited & eager to share with you all who've championed this inspiring character & our fam of nontraditional underrepresented peeps having the opportunity to share with the world that ANYONE & EVERYONE can be a superhero."

"A female-written female-produced film starring an Afro-Latina (angel!) & directed by Muslim Moroccan-Belgian wunderkinds (with a female assistant director) about a female character (as imagined by a female comic book writer) who forges her own path to uplift the lives of those around her including her trans best friend, deserves to be seen & will find a way," she added. "There is no price tag on that. In the meantime, sharing some of these with you. Leafing through them has reminded me of the magical experience we had, all in the shared desire of creating something for you all to enjoy. These memories brought a smile to my face & hopefully will to yours as well."

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