'Star Trek Online' Will Let Players 3D Print Their Starships

Star Trek fans can already live out their own Star Trek adventure in Star Trek Online. Soon, they’ll also be able to bring a piece of that virtual galaxy home with them.

Developer Cryptic Studios and Publisher Perfect World announced a partnership with Mixed Dimensions that will allow the companies to offer customizable 3D-printed replicas of the starships from Star Trek Online. That means that the ship your Starfleet officer commands in Star Trek Online could soon be sitting on the desk you sit at to play.

The resin starship replicas will be about a foot long and come in three tiers. There’s a single color version, a primed version that is ready for fans to paint at home, and a version hand-painted by the artists at Mixed Dimensions.

Star Trek Online 3D Print Starships

Fans can simply design a ship in Star Trek Online and then upload that ship to Mixed Dimensions’ GamePrint website to order a replica. There is also the option to order stock models of the 20 most popular ships from Star Trek Online.

No pricing structure was announced for these Star Trek Online ship replicas. The program is expected to launch in March.

Star Trek Online is celebrating its eighth anniversary in 2018. The game is set in the 25th century of the prime Star Trek universe, 30 years after the events of the movie Star Trek: Nemesis.

The game is structured like a Star Trek television series. Players create a Starfleet officer who is quickly put in command of a starship. The player then embarks on episodic missions to planets throughout the galaxy. The game also has season-long story arcs, including a fresh war with the Klingons, a search for a new home for the Romulans, and a threat that stretches through time.


Star Trek Online is currently in its fourteenth season of updates, which sees LeVar Burton returning to voice his Star Trek: The Next Generation character Geordi La Forge. The game's characters tasked with rebuilding the Federation after a brutal war. Star Trek Online is free-to-play and available to download from Steam on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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