Star Trek Star Thinks 'Voyager' Movie Should Have Replaced 'Nemesis'

Most Star Trek fans would agree that Star Trek: Nemesis was a disappointing final outing for the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew. Would Paramount have been better served by making a Star Trek: Voyager movie instead?

Star Trek: Voyager star Garrett Wang seems to think so. At Star Trek Las Vegas, Wang suggested an alternate plan that Paramount could have used that would have fixed two Star Trek problems at once: Nemesis’ disappointing story and Voyager’s rushed ending.

“I think Voyager’s ‘Endgame,’ the final episode, the first hour was amazing,’ Wang said (via Trek Movie). ‘The second hour tied things up too quickly, right? They should have aired the first hour on your television screen and on the end say ‘To be continued in a theater near you’ and film a Voyager two and a half hour movie, got rid of the Nemesis script. Because let’s face it, if your TNG feature film script is not as good as certain TNG TV episodes, don’t film it. Sorry.”

While fans can only imagine the alternate universe where Star Trek: Voyager got a movie, they learned a bit more about the rumor that Jeri Ryan, who played Seven of Nine on Voyager, was meant to have a role in Nemesis.

“They did offer a role in Nemesis, to replace a different character,” Ryan said during the same Star Trek: Las Vegas convention. “It was not Marina [Sirtis]. I’m not mentioning it, because it was ridiculous. There was absolutely no reason to replace this character with Seven of Nine, so obviously we didn’t do it. So, it was not Marina, for the record.”

One Star Trek: Voyager character did make it into the film and that was Kate Mulgrew’s Kathryn Janeway, who had been promoted to Admiral after returning home from the Delta Quadrant and had a brief conversation with Captain Picard.


Star Trek: Nemesis won’t be the end of Picard’s story for long. Star Trek Las Vegas also brought the surprise announcement that Patrick Stewart will return to the role for a brand new Star Trek series set 20 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis on CBS All Access. Whether any other character from that era of Star Trek will appear in the series remains unknown.

Do you wish that Star Trek: Voyager had gotten a movie? Would you have replaced Star Trek: Nemesis with a Voyager movie? Let us know in the comments!