Star Trek Makes Major Change to Seven of Nine and The Borg

Star Trek Picard Seven of Nine New Borg Queen Mini Collective

Star Trek: Picard is nearing its big finale, and in episode 8, "Broken Pieces" we see the various storylines of season 1 converge in a major (and thrilling way). Well, one of the standout pieces of Star Trek: Picard's story has been the return of Voyager's former Borg drone Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan). Against her prior judgement, Seven of Nine storms the Romulan Reclamation Site on a former Borg Cube, ready to help Jean-Luc Picard's rescue of Data's synthetic daughter, Soji Asha. Instead, Seven of Nine finds herself with Picard's warrior bodyguard Elnor (Evan Evagora) making a last stand against hostile Roumlan forces. In desperation, Seven of Nine does something that could change the course of her life, and the Borg, forever.

Warning! Star Trek: Picard SPOILERS Follow!

The Romulan sect known as Zhat Vash storms the Reclamation Site on the Borg cube, hot on Picard's trail. Seven of Nine and Elnor are forced to flee, but Seven of Nine has a plan that can save them. First, she activates the Cube again, but when Zhat Vash commander Narissa starts closing in, and threatening the reformed Borg drones (or "XBs"), Seven of Nine knows she needs an army to fight back - and just where to find one.

To save herself, Elnor, and the innocents at the Reclamation Site, Seven of Nine plugs herself back in to create a "micro-collective" hive mind on the cube, effectively becoming the new Borg Queen of that small tribe. The plan works, and Seven of Nine is able to command the cubes army of Borg drones - unfortunately, Narissa is just as good at strategy, and she jettisons all of the Borg drones into space, in a mass execution. That loss of life nearly breaks Seven of Nine, but she recovers enough to execute a backup plan: activating the XBs are still not active, and using them to drop a sneak attack that takes down Narissa, and forces the Zhat Vash to retreat from the Reclamation Site cube.

With great effort from her individual persona as "Annika," Seven of Nine manages to pull herself into control of the cube and the Borg still connected to it, but now finds herself facing a monumental challenge: commanding a Borg cube without losing herself to The Collective again, while using her humanity to reign as a more benevolent kind of Borg Queen.

For longtime fans of Seven of Nine from her Voyager days, this is a bittersweet change, as the character struggled for so long to leave the Borg behind and rediscover her humanity. It was also foreshadowed things would go this way when Seven of Nine told Jean-Luc Picard neither of them would ever truly escape The Borg.


Star Trek: Picard is now streaming on CBS All Access. New episodes are released every Thursday. Star Trek: Discovery will return for season 3 later this year.

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