Tom Hardy Wants To Return As Bane In New DC Cinematic Universe

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

If Superman doesn’t take out Batman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, it sounds like Tom Hardy might be up for a shot at it.

Actually, Hardy sounds like he wants to take on both heroes as his character from The Dark Knight Rises, Bane.

MTV asked Hardy if he would like to return to the DC Universe. Hardy first inquired about whether George Miller, who directed Hardy on Mad Max: Fury Road, was going to be directing the Man of Steel sequel. After being told that was still only a rumor, Hardy expressed an almost frightening amount of enthusiasm over the idea.

“Of course! I’m Bane!” Hardy says. “Somebody asked me, ‘Who would I want to win out in a fight between Superman and Batman?’ And I would like to hold the pair of them under the water until the bubbles stop.”

This idea isn’t likely to become a reality. The DC Extended Universe is not connected to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, and bringing back Hardy’s Bane would only confuse matters. Still, that doesn’t mean they can’t find another role for him.

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    • DarkWater
    • 1079 Posts in 22 Months

    I hope this doesn't happen and the reason is I want a Hispanic actor to finally play Bane. It's about time WB finally goes with an actor that is like how he's in the comics. Plus this time find an actor that is big by themselves and then gets bigger because of the Venom. It's the same way I feel about Ra's Al Ghul, use a Middle Eastern actor. Get Alexander Siddig or someone like him. Stop the race changing.

    • weap
    • 254 Posts in 30 Months

    I don't think we need to see Bane a third time in a movie. Then again, we're already seeing Joker again. We need a more authentic Bane already. An Hispanic Bane would add to the diversity that DC is striving for with their Extended Universe.

    • WarbirdX
    • 204 Posts in 28 Months

    I never read the Knightfall comics, I got the novelization by Dennis O'Neil. It was a fantastic read and I had pictured him as hispanic with long black hair. I don't know why, but that always confused me when he was being portrayed as bald. In the novel, I remember him needing a daily prostitute that always ended up with her dead and plotting the release of all criminals from Arkham Asylum before he broke the bat. After that, I watched a bit of WWE and thought how great it would have been to get Xpac to play the little Bane and Kane to play the big Bane.

    • cimmerian
    • 819 Posts in 31 Months

    It would be amazing if Miller introduced Apokalips in MoS2 and cast Hardy as Orion.

    • _L0Bo_
    • 3197 Posts in 25 Months

    Rises Bane pretty much sucked compared to the proper Knightfall one in the comic books. Well I don't care but if WB did this we gotta have Mark Strong back as Sinestro, he owned that part and was the best part of GL! Hardy was gonna be Flagg anyway in the DCCU.

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