J.J. Abrams Addresses Criticism That Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is A Rip-Off

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  1. He's right. No matter what he did, people would complain. Whining loudly about completely insignificant stuff almost defines this entire generation.

    • wheelwork
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    Parallels with 4,5 & 6: #1- Desert planet lead character intro. #2- Laser cannon blasting tie fighters on the Falcon. #3- 'Darth Vader'- like villain. #4- 'Emperor'- like character overseeing an 'Empire'. #5- Planet destroying weapon. #6- Fighter attack run to destroy said planet destroying weapon. #7- 'Yoda'-esque character providing 'Force' guidance. #8- Main supporting character down for the count( Han in carbonite). #9- Cute droid carrying critical info that the 'Empire' is searching for. #10- Cantina scene replete with a generous variety of freaks. Did I miss anything...? Anyhow, I get his point. Just hope SW #8 gets crazy fresh now that Abrams got the foundation laid.

    • Tnsailor
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    No matter what he would have done, people would still bitch and moan about it. I personal enjoyed it! I do hope the next one will be more original instead of the tons of similarities of the 4, 5, & 6. With that being said JJ wont be back for the next one Rian Johnson is slated to director it.

  2. George did the same thing with the prequels.

    • cimmerian
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    needcomicmoney said ... (original post)

    George did the same thing with the prequels.

    Is that the standard we're holding things to? The movie's successful because it's basically fan fiction and almost a soft reboot. He did what he was paid to do I suppose. Make Disney billions.

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