New Spider-Man Hoodie Officially Revealed: Is This His Captain America: Civil War Look?

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  1. The single good thing about ASM2 was that suit. They finally nailed it. Too bad we'll never see it on screen again...

    • CB100189
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    I thought that leaked photo a few days ago had a non radial web effect. I hope this us just a temp / early version!! Amazing spiderman 2 outfit was perfect

    • wheelwork
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    Idk about this. On one hand he's a HS student- how adept at a sewing machine can he be in this 21st century where kids probably never even saw a sewing machine(maybe Aunt May's got one in the cellar?) On the other hand, his costume is iconic & we of course expect to see it.

  2. do u know how much its going to be over in ireland

  3. I really like it! A good new direction. The small webbs Looks a little like Mcfarlane's Spider-man.

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