Robert Downey Jr. Makes Kid With Cystic Fibrosis An Honorary Member Of The Avengers

Iron Boy

Though many of us like to believe it, an actor isn't really a hero when they put on a suit of armor or a cape and perform on the big screen. However, in doing so, they are put into a position where they can really be heroes to those who idolize them.

The Avenger's star Robert Downey Jr. is a prime example of how to act responsibly with that great power.

Last year, the man who brings Tony Stark to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, delivered a prosthetic Iron Man themed arm to a young boy born with only one. This year, he's at it again, fulfilling up kid's wishes and restoring our faith in humanity.

Dominic, a young boy from Sydney, Australia, battles daily with cystic fibrosis. However, when he teamed up with Make-A-Wish Foundation, he would have another fight. This time, he would be lifted from a playground by helicopter to a police headquarters where he would find his custom, hand-made Iron Boy suit.

From there, Dominic went off to save a hostage from some evil henchman and eventually jet over to the Sydney Opera House to fight his biggest nemesis, Ultron. All the while, the city cheered him on.

Robert Downey Jr. caught wind of Iron Boy's actions and realized immediately that the Avengers would be foolish not to include him in their world-saving efforts. He sent the video below to Dominic, in which he named the young man an honorary Avenger.

Huge congratulations to Dominic on the victorious day and becoming a part of the team!

Robert Downey Jr.'s next go as Iron Man will be in Captain America: Civil War on May 5, 2016.