The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Pulls In 13.7 Million Viewers

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The Walking Dead returned this weekend but not with its entire regular audience.

The midseason premiere of season six, a great episode on all counts by critics and fans alike, aired in its Sunday night time slot to 13.7 million total viewers. It earned a 6.8 rating in adults age 18-49 and 13.7, which is a 15% drop in the demo compared to the season five midseason premiere and a 12% drop overall.

Though it didn't have the NFL to compete with, The Walking Dead was still facing the obstacle of Valentine's Day distractions such as special episodes of The Bachelor and The Tonight Show and the NBA All-Star Game.

Expect the numbers to pop with the same + three day ratings as the episode created a huge buzz on social media and many fans who were left doubting the series after a lackluster cap to its 2015 run will tune in after the fact.

Even with the drop The Walking Dead experienced in its same-day numbers, it still topped the other highest rated scripted series Empire and The Big Bang Theory.

(source: Variety)

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    • Starjacks
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    While the ratings are still high, I fear the show will start losing more viewers as the show goes on. Plot twists and character deaths are predicted ad naseum on social media due to the comics. The cliff hangers have become formulaic, trying to up the shock value from the year before, often killing off favorite characters, but not before the writers and producers tell you what's coming is bad, just wait and see. Comics book readers are a different genre than TV and misery porn doesn't always translate the same.

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