Al Roker Gives Batman V Superman 6 out of 5 Stars

There's a storm coming by the name of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and meteorologist Al Roker is loving it.

Roker, a big fan of comic book movies, gave an early review for the upcoming DC Comics film and rated it off-the-charts (literally). When asked to give the movie a numerical grading on a scale of one to five, he says Batman v. Superman earns a six. 120% movie.

"By the way, all the Ben Affleck haters out there are going to be shut down," Roker boasts. "He is a terrific Batman but he is also an excellent Bruce Wayne."

This is not an uncommon immediate reaction to the super hero feud. Early reactions have been pretty glowing, though it's easy to walk out of a premiere, still giddy with excitement about having watched it in the very theater its stars do. We'll have to wait a couple days to see it ourselves, or in my case, a few more hours, to see if the reactions are accurate.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theaters March 25.