Harrison Ford Is Excited To Play Indiana Jones


Indiana Jones is coming back for another go round and with Steven Spielberg back at the helm. While the last film didn't set the world on fire, the fans seem ready for a new entry, and so does its lead actor, Harrison Ford.

"I'll be ready, I'm excited about this."

When Kimmel asked what brought him back to the role, after initially not wanting to reprise it. He joked it was the lucrative contract, which is probably a little true, but afterwards had this to say:

"Listen, the opportunity to work with Steven again on this character, the chance to revisit a character that has brought...uh..pleasure," when Kimmel helped him by saying "great joy to so many people," Ford continued. "Not to mention me. It's fun, it's great fun to play this character. It's great fun to be working with Steven again."

Hopefully, this results in a better received sequel than Indiana Jones last outing, but only time will tell. At least, Ford seems invested in making it work.