Batman V. Superman Earns $33.1 Million Internationally Thursday

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is pulling in some very heroic numbers at the box office already.

On its limited Thursday release, the film nabbed over $27 million domestically and is now being reported to have hauled in $33.1 million internationally. Though it has surpassed Avengers: Age of Ultron domestically, it didn't match Marvel's biggest movie of last year internationally, as it hauled in $35.3 million.

Many fans wondered if the poor reviews would hurt Dawn of Justice's box office run, which was projected to bring in $350 million worldwide over its opening weekend, but if the early Thursday showings are any indication - they will have little effect on the DC Comics heroes.

The Zack Snyder-directed film opened in Mexico to $5.8 million, Germany to $2.8 million, Australia to $2.5 million, Russia to $1.9 million, Korea to $1.7 million and the United Arab Emirates to $1.1 million. 

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is now playing in theaters.

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  1. Unlike a film like, say....Iron Man 3 or Spider-Man 3, this film deserves every cent it gets. People need to understand who Superman is and what he means. People say he needs to be fun are delusional. Batman represents what man can be with being the greatest this or that such as peak physical and mental limits, but Superman represents an ideal of what the whole of humanity can be. Good and hopeful. That's not fun, that's a massive burden and Henry Cavil portrays this when people try to break him down with every movement he makes around the world. For critics to say Superman needs to be fun, or for even some comic book fans even....they need to really, truthfully, understand this character. BvS has a pretty good ensemble of characters and they were all written extraordinarily well. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane more so in this installment....BvS should be what directors aspire to do when it comes to comic book films and it's a shame reviewers are so ignorant they don't understand this. Oh well, I'm sure the people who actually do enjoy this film actually understands this important element.

    • CB103442
    • 7 Posts in 13 Months

    No movie is perfect. BvS is way better than any marvel movie.

  2. I saw it last night. It's fantastic. Everything I hoped it would be. My only complaint would be it a tad long for my tastes but that's just me. I give it 9/10.

    • _L0Bo_
    • 3197 Posts in 24 Months

    Good, it needs to make MONEY or it could affect all future DC movies planned and we'll all hurt!

    The Doomsday Zod clone sucks and Lois Lane is irritating as usual, but its a solid and great movie!

    One thing I will say, MOS 2 needs to be light(er) though and maybe have the classic Superman score back, bring that magic back!

    • Ajic
    • 233 Posts in 18 Months

    I hope it does well with the audience. I really enjoyed it & I plan on going to see it again today. DC deserves the spotlight & theres many sides of DC that many people arnt aware of. People know the JL, but theres so many more awesome characters within the DC universe that Id love to see brought to life on the big screen. Not only that, the JL members themselves have a lot more depth than what most people have knowledge of. Aquaman is a perfect example considering how most people who dislike him are the ones who dont understand his character & what he is capable of (Family Guy sure didnt help lol). And just honestly imagine how BEAUTIFUL his movies will be! Atlantis will be a site to see hopefully.

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