Man Of Steel Spoiler: Mystery Villain Revealed

Tor-AnFor several months, there have been rumors circulating that there will be a mystery villain in the Man of Steel movie. It has previously been revealed that Zod and Faoro would be two of the Phantom Zone villains facing off against Superman. Now, can reveal the name of a third mystery villain, also from the Phantom Zone.

Tor-An will also be a villain in the Man of Steel. Tor-An was a member of the military guild who had served under General Zod. Why would there be so much mystery around Tor-An as a villain? Well, Tor-An was a Kryptonian sleeper agent on Earth. He assumed the identity of David Carter, the CEO of a company called Empire Communications Network. Could he also be a sleeper agent that is a surprise reveal in Man of Steel?

The reason we know this is that the London Toy Fair 2013 is currently taking place. The figures inside the Superman - Battle of Smallville playset were revealed to include Superman, Zod, Faoro, and Tor-An. Previously, Tor-An had simple been referred to as a mystery figure.

The Man of Steel is set to be released in theaters in the United States on June 14, 2013.