Did Iron Man 3 Prelude Comic Reveal A Major Movie Spoiler?

Iron Man 3 Prelude ComicTo lead into the upcoming Iron Man 3, Marvel released two Iron Man 3 prelude comic books. The comics have proved to be a wealth of information, revealing everything from where War Machine was during the New York alien invasion to who joined the Avengers for shawarma.

The second issue of the Iron Man 3 prequel comic even offered up a reason as to why Tony Stark built Deep Space Suit armor. But wait, there is even a bigger potential spoiler. There has been lots of speculation over why the Iron Man 3 trailer shows several Iron Man suits of armor blowing up. Does the Mandarin blow up the armor or does Tony Stark himself blow up the armor?

There are also various scenes where Iron Man’s armor seems to be acting on its own. In one scene, the Iron Man armor assembles and stares down Pepper Potts in bed. Many had wondered if Tony Stark was controlling the armor in his sleep or if someone else might have gained control of the armor.

Another scene in the first trailer shows what looks to be Iron Man punching a hole in Air Force One, but the Super Bowl trailer actually shows Iron Man rescuing the people falling from Air Force One. What if the first scene of Iron Man punching a hole in Air Force One is one of Tony Stark’s suits that is being controlled by someone else?

Well, spoiler alert, the last page of the Iron Man 3 prelude comic book reveals one of the Mandarin’s henchmen apologizing for not capturing the War Machine armor as planned. However, the henchman points out, “The conflict served its purpose. Our hidden agents analyzed the armor with every imaginable scanning device. The data we collected is invaluable.”

So why would the Mandarin want to scan and analyze War Machine’s armor? The most obvious reason would be so he could either build his own armor or figure out a way to take control of Iron Man’s armor. So all those suits of armors that seem to be behaving badly in the Iron Man 3 trailers could very well be under the control of the Mandarin.

Iron Man 3 is scheduled to be released in movie theaters in the United States on May 3, 2013.